Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Phenomenon - Fenómeno

Do you know this PHENOMENON: to get stuck in front of the TV, paralyzed and unable to push the OFF button?????
I am not a big TV consumer, but I have to admit that these days I struggle with this...I am definitely watching too  much. Sometimes I force myself at least to do some doodles while watching...so I did this little pencil drawing a couple of weeks ago in my sketch book.

¿Os suena este FENÓMENO?: ¿¿quedarse paralizado delante de la tele, incapaz de apagarla?????
Pues en general no soy una gran consumidora de la tele, pero aún así últimamente esto es lo que me pasa constantemente....en fin, veo demasiado la tele. Aún así a veces me esfuerzo en hacer por lo menos algunos dibujos entretanto...y así hice hace un par de semanas este pequeño dibujo a lápiz en mi cuaderno.

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Thursday, 9 December 2010


Dive into the prehistoric primordial soup - all life began in the water!

Little watercolour sketch for this week´s Illustration Friday prompt "prehistoric"

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Friday, 3 December 2010


She is having a wonderful evening and is just savouring every moment of it!

This pale lady (maybe somehow a modern Snow White??) is my (last minute!) submission for this week´s Illustration Friday topic.

I used pencil, watercolours and acrylics.
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Thursday, 25 November 2010


In the middle of the night, the sneaky old witch sneaks away and is hopefully never seen again...

For Illustration Friday´s topic "Sneaky" I took the dark meaning of sneaky, for I dread to be quite blah these days.

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Tuesday, 16 November 2010


In the burning heart
just about to burst.
There's a quest for answers,
an unquenchable thirst.
In the darkest night
rising like a spire.
In the burning heart
the unmistakable fire.

(out from the lyrics of the song "Burning heart" from Survivor)

This song just popped up immediately when I read this week´s Illustration Friday topic >> can´t help it but I love 80s rock music!

Little watercolour painting out of my sketchbook

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Thursday, 11 November 2010


Now that summer has gone even here in Spain, afterwards I wish I had enjoyed it more: more playing, more time outside, more barbecues, more ice cream, more summer fruits, more canning fruit jams, more suntanning, more fancy summer dresses, more outdoor concerts...but there will always be a next summer!

Still the watches pursuit me - it is a project for myself to be more aware of time, as I only feel it running by.
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Thursday, 4 November 2010


I am having a hard week at my day job...I SPENT the whole week working working, until after 10 p.m. in the office, I am just dreaming myself into a more quiet and pieceful place...
This is another little painting of my "watches" project, it kind of reflects my search for inner balance.
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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Thursday, 21 October 2010


Spooky is this week´s Illustration Friday topic. I am not a native english speaker and the word "spooky" sounds cute to me, so that first I was thinking of likeable ghosts.

But finally this sinister coachman came up - I don´t know why and from where...but here he is and I find him really intimidating!

I used watercolour and charcoal.
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Thursday, 14 October 2010


I got up a little earlier this morning in order to do this little painting for this week´s Illustration Friday topic "Transportation" - really last minute!
Thinking of the topic this was one of the first three ideas that came in my mind. Don´t you think that a flying carpet is just one of the fastest and ecological means of transportation ever? Just step on, say your destination and shoooooommmm....I think I need this to arrive on time!
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Wednesday, 6 October 2010


This week´s Illustration Friday topic is "beneath".

He felt kind of lost,
But he was beneath a watchful eye.

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Thursday, 30 September 2010


Hello there! This is my first participation at Illustration Friday.

Diving into a good book forgetting completely about time I feel sometimes kind of old-fashioned.
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