Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Ferdinand by barbara*k
Ferdinand, a photo by barbara*k on Flickr.

pencil drawing of my nephew Ferdinand.
dibujo a lápiz de mi sobrino Ferdinand.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

sketchbook doodle

i´ve started a sketchbook again! Yet,  i am not very happy with my scanner, you see. dana barbieri will start a daily painting project on february 1st and i am determined to join! this will be the first time i am going to do a daily painting project and i feel exited about it! 
he empezado un cuaderno de apuntes. pues no estoy muy contenta con el escáner que tengo, como veráis en la imágen. ¡dana barbieri va a comenzar un proyecto de daily painting y estoy decidida de participar! será la primera vez que hago daily painting, ¡qué nervios!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


i see many artists doing female hair. gorgeous manes, braids, curls, elegant hair-dos...contemplating those illustrations i think of youth, health, femineity, sensuality, beauty, magic, mysticism, symbolism, connection, vitality, power, dreams...do you, too?
i love how these three spanish illustrators work the hair: raquel carrero, paula bonet, pintameldia
 veo muchos artistas dibujando cabello femenino. melenas, trenzas, rizos, peinados elegantes y sofísticados...contemplando esas ilustraciones pienso en juventud, salud, feminidad, sensualidad, belleza, mágia, mística, simbolismo, conexión, vitalidad, fuerza, sueños...¿y vosotros?
adoro como estas tres ilustradoras españolas trabajan el cabello: raquel carrero, paula bonet, pintameldia
Illustration from Raquel Carrero

illustration from Paula Bonet
Illustration from Pintameldia

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

my new year list (borrowed from francesca iannacone)

Love this list! Borrowed from here with the kind permission of Francesca!
Me encanta esta lista. La tomé prestada de ahí. ¡Gracias Francesca!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

new year*new blog name

Happy New Year to all of you!!! Hopefully 2013 will be a great year for all of us.

I changed the name of this blog..if you can´t remember, it was called "Studio Tante B". This didn´t at all feel right, because "Studio" sounded too ambicious - I don´t have an art or graphic studio, I am just a little hobby artist, that´s all. And the "Tante" (means aunt in german), I wanted to change her, too. I am a very very proud auntie to 1 niece and 3 nephews, but hey, calling me here an auntie felt suddenly so cranky to me - still I am at an age to be a mother, too and I hope (**absolute number 1 on my personal wishlist**) to someday have children myself.
Ok then, a new name. I wanted to change the blogname time ago, but never had an idea. So just some minutes ago I changed it to almost the first word that came up. Welcome to bleibmaldabei!! It´s german (like me), I liked the sound and it also has some good meanings, somehow difficult to describe if you don´t speak german. I try to explain a bit: bleib mal dabei = something like "stick with this". This came up and as of now felt right for me, as it reminds me to just try to be more persistent. Also "mal" is the imperative of malen, which means to paint, and I like it that this verb is hidden here, as this is supposed to be an artsy blog and I am a (hobby) painter. So if you take the three words separately: bleib*mal*dabei, you can translate it to "stay*paint*be present", cool, isnt´t it?
Still I even don´t know if i will stick with the blog, I have to figure out what to share and when. I don´t want to bore you and there are so many excellent blogs out there, I just know that what I am doing here still is neither fish nor fowl. For the moment, this place has a new name that fits better, I think. And I am happy for everyone of you stepping by here once in a while. Thank you for being here!