Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Ferdinand by barbara*k
Ferdinand, a photo by barbara*k on Flickr.

pencil drawing of my nephew Ferdinand.
dibujo a lápiz de mi sobrino Ferdinand.


Yvonne said...

Barbara, this is AMAZING!!! I can see it's more in finding the time and the kick in the butt to sit down to DO, than it is in the talent ;) This is absolutely amazing - again - I'm speechless!! xo

*bleibmaldabei*barbara said...

You are so sweet, Yvonne. I loved doing this, so now I want to draw a portrait of first all my niece and nephews, then family and friends (-;
Happy drawing to you, too, I love to see what you are doing in Koosje´s course!! have a nice week, xox

Dana Barbieri said...

You are so talented. I love this beautiful drawing.