Monday, 26 September 2011

Punch and Judy show

Last year for christmas I went (like every year) to my parents´ house. One day before christmas eve my mother told me that she had the idea to give my niece a Punch and Judy show and that Dad already was working on it...
so once my dad had build the frame, I locked myself up in a secret place, in order that my niece couldn´t find me, to paint the theater.
Mum did the curtains out of teatowels. My niece really loves her Punch and Judy show!
En navidad el año pasado me fui a casa de mis padres (como todos los años). Un día antes de nochebuena mi madre mi dijo que estaba pensando en regalarle un guiñol a mi sobrina y que papá ya estaba trabajando en ello...
una vez que mi padre terminó de construir el marco, me encerré en un lugar secreto, para que mi sobrina no me pudiese encontrar, para pintar el teatro.
Mamá hizo las cortinas, que están hechas de toallas de cocina. ¡Mi sobrina adora su guiñol!


Yvonne said...

that's so lovely :) love the co-operation :) I remember my grandfather made me one as well when I was growing up - he was an amazing crafts man! It could double as a little shop :) ah, memory lane :)

stephanie levy said...

This is great - the kids always love Kasperl - my kids too :) xo