Monday, 5 December 2011

winterly blog header

Time for a new blog header! It´s a detail from a painting/collage of a winterly forest with a christmas star. I did this to use it for my christmas cards I sent to my friends 2009. The forest reminds me of the forests of my bavarian home country! In fact where I live and what I see daily is very different. It is just that I carry those forests inside and the time before christmas makes me feel more homesick and I visualize myself wandering through those forests, smelling the winter there and drinking mulled wine.
Ya es hora para una nueva cabecera del blog. Es el detalle de un cuadro/collage de un bosque invernal con un cometa. Utilicé esta pintura para el chrismas que envié a mis amigos en 2009. El bosque me recuerda a los bosques de mi tierra en Baviera. De hecho donde vivo y lo que veo a diario es muy diferente. Lo que pasa es que llevo estos bosques dentro de mí y el tiempo antes de las navidades siempre me causa mucha morriña y me imagino a mi misma caminando por estos bosques, oliendo el inverno allí y bebiendo vino caliente.


Wilma said...

Me encanta el cambio, es una pintura preciosa, magica y misteriosa

Yvonne said...

I can imagine Christmas makes you long for home... I spent one Christmas on my own in Ireland, and it was depressing... Hope you find some season spirit in Madrid for yourself... Did you paint this forest? It's beautiful - so atmospheric!! xx

Barbara said...

Yes, the winterly forst ist a painting of mine, hope you like it!
For me there is really not very muc season spirit in Madrid, the city centre is too full, I am just avoiding it a this time. For christmas I always go back to Germany to be with my family!