Tuesday, 20 March 2012

new painting: Canary and chinese teapot

"Canary and chinese teapot", acrylics and pastel on canvas, 19x24 cm
Detail "Canary and chinese teapot"
This little birdy is a beloved companion, so cute and canty. He fills my heart and home with so much joy everyday. Have you seen? I´ve done a figurative painting, huh, doesn´t happen so often!
Este pequeño pajarito es un querido compañero, adorable y vivaz. Llena mi corazón y casa de alegría cada día. ¿Habéis visto? He pintado algo figurativo, vaya, ¡es poco habitual en mí!


Helen A Naylor said...

That is a tea pot I would like to take tea from. I love your bird. They become our worlds from the minute you get them home, dont they ! Ours is 20, I can not imagine life with-out him. Thank-you for this painting. Oh Louie loves tea too.

Yvonne said...

Love it, love it, love it! Especially the detail, it's perfectly framed! What beautiful colours you've used! I would hang this over our dining room table (which is my dudio, too) in a heartbeat!

Barbara said...

thank you girls, you make my day!!!
My bird is called "Curry" and it was 5 years ago that one saturday morning he (or she?) flew into our apartment through the open windows. I am so happy that I kept him (-;
And I love to have tea from this beautiful pot, it was a gift from my former mother in law.

zeynep said...

so beautiful Barbara !! i also love your colors..

Yvonne said...

How you got Curry is a beautiful story :) She (or he) was really meant to be with YOU then :) x

stephanie levy said...

I love, love this painting Barbara! You are very gifted ant thank you for sharing :) I really like the new look of your blog too, the banner is beautiful!

Wilma said...

o B´´arbara que bonito, pues tu "figurativo" me encanta, los colores, los detalles de la tetera y Curry, es precioso

My Castle in Spain said...

Your little Curry is really sweet and so is the teapot!
I've sent you a mail in answer to your previous question :-)
Have a great sunny day in Madrid !

Connie said...

Very cheerful and uplifting painting. I love your use of color . . . you're not afraid to be powerful. Your newest follower, Connie :) Come visit my blog, I would love to have you follow me as well.

Diana Toledano said...

Te quedó muy bonito, muy... Matisse!

Alba said...

Holà Barbara, acabo de descubrir su blog y veo que vive en Madrid.
Hasta pronto.
Feliz día.