Monday, 21 November 2011

Felt pen outdoor sketches

Sometimes I take a sketchbook with me all the times and draw a lot. Then may pass by months without sketching anything. Some months ago I started a little sketchbook to do drawings outside with felt-tip pens. I am exploring different ways to use them: in colour blocks and layers, more scribbly or more reduced, finding patterns and shapes. The last one is what I most would like to achieve and what most difficult is for me. I want my drawings to be more precise, calm, balanced, elegant.
I admire the work of artist Jill Bliss.

A veces llevo un cuaderno de dibujo conmigo siempre y dibujo mucho. Luego pueden pasar meses sin dibujar nada. Hace algunos meses empecé un pequeño cuaderno para hacer dibujos al aire libre con rotuladores. Estoy explorando diferentes maneras de utilizarlos: bloques de color y capas, más suelto o más reducido, encontrando patrones y formas. Lo último es lo que más me gustaría conseguir y a la vez lo que más me cuesta. Quiero que mis dibujos sean más precisos, tranquilos, equilibrados, elegantes.
Admiro el trabajo de la artista Jill Bliss.

from Plaza de Colón in Madrid at dusk

september in Retiro Park

Prado Museum

Madrid´s television tower, the "Pirulí" through trees

in the Fuente del Berro Park, Madrid

in the Fuente del Berro Park, Madrid

interpretation of the november evening sky

Peacock in the park


Ana Gonzalez said...

Gracias por tu visita y comentario. Este "Peacock in the park" tiene mucha gracia. La practica constante y la perseverancia te llevara a conseguir dibujar como deseas. Suerte en tus proyectos!!

Yvonne said...

Barbara, these are AMAZING!! I love your style - drawing in felt tip is so courageous because you can't go back and change things; I always need an extra dose of courage to go straight to pen (or felt tip)! I LOVE what you did here - this is what I WANTED my drawing in the zoo to look like... I need so much more practise with felt tip!!

Tante B said...

Thank you for your comments, I appreciate them so much!

@Ana: thank you for your words. I admire very much your style. This is exactly what I need, practice and perseverance. I want to learn so much, become better and find my style.

@Yvonne: thank you for all your comments and your time to read here! You can find the drawings I did in line with the Museum acivity here on my blog, I´ll send you the link by email, ok?

Hugs from Madrid to you all, Barbara

thewillowsnest said...

woohoo wonderful work Barbara!!!.. these are great! I'm with Yvonne ,, I too like the safety net of the pencil first!.. It is great to encourage creative freedom with going straight to the pens!!

Wilma said...

me encantan tus dibujos, Y también me gusta Jill BLiss, tengo su diario de dibujar naturaleza, y aún no lo he puesto en práctica

Wini said...

I love your drawings. They are really delightful!! Well done! Thanks for sharing the link to Jill Bliss too. I agree that her work is beautiful. Wini xo