Saturday, 15 October 2011

taking guitar lessons again

(this is me and my guitar when I was 10 years old)

On this way to bring back more creativity and art in my life it´s inevitable to reflect on what I loved to do as a child. Well, drawing and painting were always there, but also I remember that I loved to play the guitar. When I was 9 years old I started to take classes because it was my mother´s wish (well, back then I had preferred to take riding lessons). Although it was not my idea to learn the guitar, from the first lesson on I just loved it and continued taking classes once a week until I was 15. I really appreciate that my parents gave me this opportunity, not for granted having 4 children!
I continued playing for myself for some years more but then the guitar collected dust in the corner...
I have been thinking to restart playing the guitar for years and finally I signed up now for a groups class in a local cultural centre here in Madrid. It´s a mixed group of about 12 people, some of them never had a guitar in their hands and others have been playing for years. I am really curious how the teacher will arrange this class but I am sure it will be fun!


kristen said...

One of my wishes in my wish jar is to learn to play guitar! You GO ! All forms of creative expression are like gifts !

Yvonne said...

Did you start your lessons yet? I'm also quite curious how they are going to be teaching a group with such diverse skill levels! Hope it is/will be fun!! I think it's awesome you've dusted off your guitar :) Looking at what you loved as a kid is a first great clue to what's true inside you!