Sunday, 16 October 2011

Wish Jar

I have to tell you how much I am enjoying this e-course I am doing with the wonderful artist Stephanie Levy! So many inspiration, helpful activities and tools to realize your creative dreams! HIGHLY recommend it to anybody who has creative dreams and thinks of setting up a creative business. For me there is a long way to go to make these dreams true, but every step counts, right?

One of the activities is to do your personal Wish Jar, an idea inspired by the incredibe Keri Smith. It really feels good to get clarity and write your heart´s desires down. Then you can keep them in this sacred place where you can always reread them, edit, add new desires... which helps to get focussed and vizualize the things you wish to manifest in your life.


HAN said...

Totally agree with you. I finally have 2 wishes in my jar. My wish jar is a virtual one on my computer desk top.
Regards Helen.

Nicole said...

Hi Barbara,
love your cards in your wish jar! Exciting this e-course, isn't it?
best nicole

kristen said...

I love your cards to and who can resist a lovely little jar like tha? It is very sweet. I hope all of your wishes come true!

stephanie levy said...

Thank you so much Barbara, and your wish jar is lovely! I'm so happy that you have enjoyed the course and thank you for writing about it here :) xoxo Hugs from Munich!!