Tuesday, 5 February 2013

nº 3

daily painting nº 3 by barbara*k
daily painting nº 3, a photo by barbara*k on Flickr.
daily painting nº 3, acrylics on 300gr paper.
decided to stick with the same colour palette during the whole week. although on paper it comes out very differently. today only a quick and random painting, all shapes came up spontaneously. i apologize for the bad image quality, my camera seems to abandon service and the paper pad is too big for my scanner.
daily painting nº 3, acrílico en papel 300gr.
he decidido de seguir con la misma gama de colores durante toda la semana, aunque en papel salen muy diferente. hoy solo una pintura rápida y espontánea, todas las formas iban así surgiendo. perdonad la mala calidad de la imágen, mi cámara parece ir muriéndose y el bloc de papel es demasiado grande para mi escáner.


Elisa Choi said...

This is so wonderful Barbara. I enjoyed each and every detail of these gorgeous flowers! Feels like I am in paradise!

claire said...

I love it - colour and imposition :)

claire said...

Should say composition!

Dana Barbieri said...

Pretty. Feels like I am in a garden!

christjann said...

love this one pretty much!