Friday, 22 February 2013

nº 13 + 14

daily painting nº 13, "woman on ball", ink on paper
daily painting nº 14, "curious pony", ink and acrylics on paper
today´s paintings (or drawings?): new medium, new subjects. black and white, ink on paper. i flipped through a magazine and decided spontaneously on the first images which caught my eye. below the drawings and the Kunstforum magazine pages.
las pinturas (¿o mejor dibujos?) de hoy: nuevo medio, nuevos sujetos. blanco y negro, tinta en papel. iba hojeando una revista y decidí espontáneamente sobre las primeras fotos que me llamaron la atención. abajo los dibujos y las páginas de la revista Kunstforum.


Yvonne said...

Awesome :D Love how you chose new media! I'm reading backwards again, so I can't wait to see what came before! Love the pony, great light and shadows! And that woman on the ball, she reminds me a little of the Dutch (almost ex-) queen - AND a little of myself - always trying to balance... :)

Dana Barbieri said...

These are incredible. I love the simplicity of the black and white. I think I have to try this.

claire said...

I LoVe the horse :))))