Thursday, 21 February 2013

nº 9 - 12

Hi there, I am back! I have been on a retreat in Berlin these days, a very intense experience! I did some little watercolour paintings there and although I am behind now with the daily paintings, I wanted to share them here with you and go back to the daily routing from today on!
Hola todos, estoy de vuelta. He estado en un retiro en Berlín estos días, ¡una experiencia muy intensa! Hice algunas acuarelas allí y aunque voy un poco por detrás ahora con los daily paintings, quería compartirlas con vosotros y volver al habito diario a partir de hoy.

daily painting nº 9, watercolours

daily painting nº10, watercolours

daily painting nº11, watercolours

daily painting nº12, watercolours


Yvonne said...

Beautiful wet-in-wet watercolours - I'm never brave enough to let go and see what happens - too much of a control freak ;) You're inspiring me to play :) Wondering what sort of retreat you went on, too!

Dana Barbieri said...

I love these Barbara. So loose and free. Glad you are back to it.

claire said...

These paintings are happy and joyful... Did the retreat do you good?