Saturday, 9 February 2013

nº 7

daily painting nº 7 by barbara*k
daily painting nº 7, a photo by barbara*k on Flickr.

daily painting nº 7, acrylics on paper 300g, 24x32 cm
and it goes on with the dots on paper and the same colours.
y siguen las esferas en papel y con los mismos colores.


Elisa Choi said...

I am so enjoying your patterns Barbara! This one I love the most! :)

Dana Barbieri said...

Awesome! So bright and festive. You have a nice little collection here.

Yvonne said...

Happy circles and dots :) I really LOVE the colours you've chosen to work with! And seeing that I'm reading back, I really, really LOVE that you set yourself this challenge and are working it! Good on you! I get that not every day is a painting day, but you're keeping up well enough - great!!
(I need to see what happens with my artistic endeavours now that Koosje's course is almost finished... Nothing like a course to keep up the speed, but the challenge is to keep it going ;))