Friday, 8 February 2013

nº 6

daily painting nº 6_horizontal by barbara*k

daily painting nº 6, acrylics on paper 300g, 24x32 cm
today a quick composition, this time with very washy colours and thin layers. i am not at all satisfied with the result, i can do this better. but it is what came out today. so who cares? if you´re hungry, how about the kind of fried egg right in the middle?
daily painting nº 6, acrílico en papel 300g, 24x32 cm
hoy una composición rápida, esta vez con los colores muy diluidos y capas finas. no estoy nada contenta con el resultado, puedo hacerlo mejor. pero es lo que salió hoy, así que, ¿a quién importa? por si tienes hambre, ¿qué te parece la especie de huevo frito justo en el centro?


Elisa Choi said...

you made me smile when you mentioned about the fried egg. I love this painting.. how soft the colors are and how they touched each other. Have a happy weekend!

Janet said...

The fried egg comment made me laugh too! I really like your use of colour and pattern, and thanks for your comments on my blog too.

Dana Barbieri said...

I like the fried egg LOL. I like how the colors are blending together. It looks like it was a lot of fun to paint.