Sunday, 10 February 2013

nº 8

daily painting nº 8 by barbara*k
daily painting nº 8, a photo by barbara*k on Flickr.

daily painting nº 8: composition, acrylics on paper 300g, 24x32 cm

yep, another composition. painting these is so meditative and appeases my mind. 
have a happy sunday!
otra composición abstracta. pintarlas me resulta tan meditativo y serena mi mente.  
¡feliz domingo a todos! 


Elisa said...

lovely plait painting. Makes me think of skirts.. school skirts only yours is way cooler! :)

claire said...

You've really captured a lot of depth - it's almost 3D

Dana Barbieri said...

I agree with Claire. Lots of depth here. So glad you are enjoying all the painting. It is totally meditative. I think you have a secret fabric designer in you.

Elisa Choi said...

hey barbara.. i miss your paintings. come paint soon. and rest a lot. be gentle! Hugs! happy hearts day:)

Yvonne said...

Beautiful, bold colours!